June 2015, Universal Studios Singapore, Singapore

Hi, I’m Kritesh Abhishek- the founder of  Money24hr.com blog.

(Although I have two names, most people call me Kritesh. And Kritesh works great too.)

I’m a 23 years old Entrepreneur, Stock Investor & Blogger.

By qualification, I’m a graduate in Electrical Engineering from National Institute of Technology (NIT), Warangal- Class of 2016.

At Money24Hr.com, I share my journey of how I built a successful blog from 0 to 1 Million+ pageviews within 18 months of inception. (Btw, the blog that I’m referring to is Trade Brains. You can check it out here).

As a proof, here are few stats from the first year of Trade Brains:

How I grew my blog from 0 to 133,891 monthly page views within 10 Months - Trade Brains google analytics

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The success of Trade Brains helped me quit my 9-to-5 day job to live a life that I always dreamed of.

Now, I do not have any constraints and I devote full time to pursue my entrepreneurial dreams. Apart from blogging, I spend most of my time working on my fintech start-up, which will be launching soon…

Through this blog, I aim to help all the all the bloggers and entrepreneurs to create their online business so that they can make money ’24Hr’ online and live like a boss.

Here are the topics that you are going to learn on this blog:

  • How to create a successful blog?
  • How to create a ‘Brand’ for your business?
  • Different ways to effectively get traffic and to monetize your blog.
  • Rapidly growing your blog to create a passive source.

For the online marketer, the topics that I’ll focus on are:

  • Content marketing
  • Social Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Personal Branding

Thanks for taking the time to read. If this blog impacted you, please feel free to leave a comment or shoot me a message at kritesh@tradebrains.in

Happy Blogging!!