Increase Blog Traffic in India Using Medium

3 Actionable Ways to Increase Blog Traffic in India Using Medium.

3 Actionable Ways to Increase Blog Traffic in India Using Medium.

Maintaining (or increasing) the traffic of a blog is always a challenge for the bloggers. Due to the consistently rising new competitions, depending on a single source of traffic can be stupid. And that’s why most bloggers or website owners are always looking for new sources or platforms which are less competitive to drive big traffic.

In this post, we are going to discuss one such new platform which Indian bloggers or website owners can leverage to increase their reader’s count. And this new platform is


Right now, Medium is in the same growth phase where Facebook or Quora used to be four-five years ago. The monthly active users on Medium is continuously increasing for the last many months. Although it’s still not a big trend in India to use Medium, however, in upcoming months Medium is definitely going to increase its audience from India. After all, we Indians do get attracted to the American/European trend, after a while.

Moreover, if you are blogging from India, there are not enough competitions on Medium yet. You will rarely find any of your competitor who is active on Medium. When most of the bloggers are fighting to get traffic using paid ads on Facebook, you can start building your empire on medium. By the time your competitors will realize it, you would have built an authority on the medium which will help you to drive a ton of consistent traffic on your blog.

Overall, Medium is one of the fastest-growing platforms that you can leverage today in order to increase your blog traffic in the future.

Anyways, I forgot to mention what actually is Medium?

Medium is an online publishing platform. Here you can publish your articles/blogs for free and get followers on your profile. (Even you can get paid for publishing contents on the medium by joining medium partner program.)

The best part is that people visit medium to read. In other words, they are in the ‘Read-mode’ (Not like ‘scroll down’ or ‘Pass-time’ mode when they visit facebook, twitter or any other social platforms). And that’s why you can find a targeted audience on Medium who are interested to read. And if your contents are good, you can definitely convert them into followers and your blog readers.

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How to publish contents on Medium?

Publishing content on Medium is really simple.

All you need to get started is to create a free account using email/google/facebook/twitter etc and start publishing the contents.The platform to write posts is literally easier than MS word or any other document editor that you might have used. Here is a quick snapshot of how medium editor looks like→

medium post

Pretty clean and simple, right?

And that’s why people love publishing on Medium. You do not need any technical knowledge to start publishing your contents here. It’s really easy and fast.

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3 Actionable ways to increase blog traffic in India using Medium:

Now that you have understood what is Medium and why you should start using it. Here are the three ways to leverage medium to increase your blog traffic in India:

1. Repost blog contents on medium

You do not always need to create new contents to publish on Medium.

If you have already written an awesome post earlier on your blog/website, why not to share it with millions of monthly users of Medium. Many of these people might be looking for contents like yours to read. And therefore, by reposting your same post on Medium, you are marketing your content to a bigger audience.

A Quick Tip- While reposting on Medium, post the older contents which have already been published for at least 3–4 weeks on your blog/website. This will give google enough time to index your blog post and acknowledge that the content was originally posted on your blog and not a fresh content on Medium. This will help you to avoid any competition of your original blog for google ranking against that post from the medium. Here, Google will simply understand that you are reposting the content and your original blog should be preferred in ranking. Anyways, many times, both contents (from your blog and medium) gets ranked on google, which is like a double-benefit.

2. Increase backlinks and leads using Medium posts.

Getting a backlink from authority websites by submitting a guest post takes a lot of time and efforts. Moreover, you’ve put a extra work to find and convince those authority websites’ owners/editors to publish your content. However, the medium is a very good alternative here. Medium has a very high domain authority. By publishing contents on the medium platform, you can easily create massive backlinks without many efforts.

Moreover, if your content is getting decent traffic on medium, your links will divert the audience to your blog. You can also place a lead magnet on your medium content to convert the audience into leads or subscribers.

3. Publish your contents on big publications.

There are a number of publications on Medium who have over 40–50k followers. Publications are like a specific niche — which a group of people with similar interests follows. You can publish your contents on these big publications to reach a bigger audience.

Moreover, unlike guest posting, it’s really easy to publish your contents in these big publications. The editors/owners of these publications are constantly looking for new posts/articles that they can share in their publication to keep it active and engaged. Therefore, all you need to do is to find a good publication in your niche and approach the editor/owner (the contact profile of owner/editor is available in all the publications).

medium publications

A better approach will be to first write an excellent content on Medium that you want to submit to the publication and then share the link of that post with the editor/owner. If your content is good and related to the publication’s niche, the editor will readily accept it.

Anyways, there are thousands of publications on Medium and you can publish your content in just one. Therefore, you need to be very choosy while selecting the best publication which has more audience/follower that you are targeting.

Quick Note: If you publish a good content on a big publication and are able to attract a lot of readers and get many claps (which is similar to likes/upvotes), then it will actually be amazing for you. This engagement may push your content on the first page of the medium. And if that happens, your blog will be flooded with a huge traffic.

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Bottom line

If you are looking for an alternative method to drive traffic to your blog, which has a comparatively less competition, then Medium is a very good option. This platform is still not flooded with the marketers and hence you can leverage it to increase the audience of your blog/website.

That’s all for this post. I hope it was helpful to you. Happy Blogging.

5 Ways to Find Expert Content Writers for Your Blog in India

5 Ways to Find Expert Content Writers for Your Blog in India.

5 Ways to Find Expert Content Writers for Your Blog in India.

“I just can’t write any more blog, Kritesh. It takes too long to write a good content. And that’s why I’m not able to give time to other important things like creating new ways to efficiently monetize my blog…”, Gaurav told me half-heartedly.

Why don’t you outsource the contents?”, I asked him.

No!! Outsourcing is not an option for me. I’ve built my blog from scratch and I’ve dedicated so much time writing quality contents. I don’t want to degrade its reputation by publishing not-so-good contents.”, Gaurav answered straightforwardly.

Then don’t publish ‘not-so-good’ contents on your blog. But you know that there are professional content writers capable of writing great contents. Moreover, the final decision is always yours whether you want to publish that content on your blog or not… If you do not like the content written by the outsourced authors, simply reject them. But you should at least try this option.”, I tried to reason Gaurav with my answer.

Gaurav has a very popular blog which gets over 30,000 visitors per month. He has been working on his blog for over 18 months and has written over 150 blog posts so far. Now he is trying to monetize his blog traffic. However, producing continuous contents does not give him enough time to focus on creating new digital products in order to monetize his blog.

It’s not like I didn’t try. I hired one writer a few months ago from one of my references. But she turned out to be a shi**y one. Moreover, finding a good content writer is itself a tedious job. I’m ready to pay a good compensation per article if the content is good. The problem is that I don’t have any more reference.”, Gaurav seemed a little concerned.

Yes, finding a good content writer will take some time. But it won’t take too long if you know the right approach. Maybe a few weeks to complete whole procedure like interviewing them, asking for sample articles, explaining your requirements etc. Nonetheless, my point is that if you can put some serious efforts for a week or two and are able to find a good writer, it will reduce your stress a lot for many upcoming months.”, I explained.

Okay, you are right. Now stop this lecture and let me know where can I find expert content writers for my blog.”, Gaurav replied with a little smile on his face.


Finding expert content writers in India does not take too long if you know where to look for them exactly. There are a couple of free platforms or mediums which you can leverage to find good content writers.

Nevertheless, how easily you’ll find a writer for your blog also depends on your budget. If you are ready to give decent compensation per article, you can even hire expert content creators with experience of over 5–10 years. On the other hands, if your hands are tight and you have a limited budget, you might have to hire a few newbie content creators who might need a little training and guidance from you. Anyways, if you put serious efforts, you’ll be able to find a few good ones within a week or two.

How to Find Expert Content Writers for Your Blog in India?

Here are the 5 ways to find expert content writers for your blog in India:

1. Outsource freelancers 


There are many free platforms like iWriter,, upwork, Fiverr etc from where you can find freelancers.

Just post your requirements on these sites and you’ll be flooded with the messages from the freelancers. Contact/Interview the freelancers who responded to your post and select the one which suits you the best.

2. Leverage the massive facebook groups of content writers

facebook group content writers

There are many active facebook groups of content writers with over 20,000–30,000 members.

Join these facebook groups of Content Writers (Search ‘content writers’ on facebook to find these groups) and post your requirements like your blog niche, the number of articles required per month, compensation/stipend, additional perks etc.

Interested content writers will comment on your post or will directly contact you on the messenger. Interview them and select the best one.

3. Steal writers from authority websites

This is a little tricky. Here, you have to find the authority websites related to your blog niche and look for the people who are consistently contributing to these websites.

Examples of few authority websites in India are Yourstory, Economic times, WittyFeed, Inc42, Mint etc. Go to these websites and read the latest articles. You can easily find the social information of these author like twitter handle, email address etc available along with the article. Contact them and ask if they are looking for additional content writing work. Try to convince them to work with you by describing the perks.

4. Hire college interns 


College students are the best target to find exert content writers in India if you have a limited budget. These students will be ready to work even at a lower-than-average compensation if you are willing to provide additional perks. Moreover, the students are looking for such exposures to build their resume. In short, you can find good content writers by hiring college students.

Few of the famous portals in India which you can use to hire interns are Internshala, Let’s Intern etc. Further, it’s very simple to create an employer login account and post the job requirements on Internshala/Let’s Intern. And within few days of posting the job requirement, you will get a massive list of interns who might be interested to work with you as a content writer.

Anyways, you need to train these interns as they might not have a big experience of content creation like those expert freelancers. However, talent-wise, you may find some hidden gems in these internship portals.

5. Find skilled writers by exploring publishing platforms like Quora/Medium.

There are many writers/authors who consistently posts on platforms like Quora or Medium. Their social profiles are publically available and you can read all their contents/answers. Explore these publishing platforms for a few days and find few regular contributors who write excellent contents.

Next, contact them and offer a job as a content writer. Many of them might not be interested in a job and only be publishing contents out of interest. However, if you contact enough writers, you will definitely find one or two who might be looking for an opportunity to work as a content creator.

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6. Place a Hiring/Contribute/Guest post link on your blog

One of the easiest ways to find content writers (which most website/blog owners ignore) is to place a ‘Hiring’, ‘Contribute’, ‘Guest post’ etc link on their blog. Ask yourself, why will the writers contact you if they do not know that you are looking for content writers?

These links send a clear signal to the interested people that you are looking for content creators. Moreover, by using this method, instead of you approaching the content creators, these writers will contact you. And hence, you will be on the upper-side when you’ll be negotiating the compensation and perks.

Bottom line:

Although the process to find good content creators is not difficult, however, it may take some time. You should definitely go through a good screening procedure like asking for sample contents, reference to the last work as a content writer, a small interview to understand their skills etc. Nevertheless, if you contact 30–40 people using the approaches mentioned above, you’ll find good one or two writers- in the end.

That’s all for this post. I hope it was helpful to you. If there is any other method to find expert content writers that I missed in this post, feel free to comment below.

Happy Blogging.

How to Get an Insane Blog Traffic From Quora money24hr

How to Get a Massive Blog Traffic From Quora?

How to Get a Massive Blog Traffic From Quora?

Your answers on Quora are really awesome, Kritesh”, Gaurav applauded me.

Thank you, Gaurav. I really appreciate it.”, I replied happily.

“Yesterday I checked your Quora profile and I was really impressed. You have over +2.2 million views and +2.6k followers of your profile. How did you build such a huge followership?”, Gaurav asked energetically.

Yes, that’s what most people notice. What they don’t notice is that I have written over 600 answers…”, I answered with a wicked smile.


If you do not know what is Quora, then let me explain it to you first.

Quora is an online question and answer website, where anyone can ask questions or write answers for the existing ones. By March 2016, it has over 100 million monthly active users.

I have been quite active on Quora for over last two years. I’m also a top writer on many of the trending topics. This is a great platform to read new stuff and contribute by writing useful answers. Moreover, unlike facebook/twitter where people are in a ‘scroll down’ mode, the audience specifically visit Quora to read. Therefore, if you are writing awesome answers, it’s really easy to reach a huge audience.

(Btw, here’s my Quora profile. Feel free to follow.)

kritesh abhishek quora profile

For the past 2 years, I’ve been consistently writing 5–10 answers on Quora weekly. The number of answers may be a little higher on the holidays and maybe even ZERO during a hectic week. Nevertheless, these answers on Quora has helped me to drive a lot of traffic to my blog. I regularly receive messages from different people that they checked my blog after reading one of my answers and totally loved my contents afterward.

Besides, unlike Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, where a post fades away within a few hours, Quora answers remains alive for a very long time. There are many of my answers which I’ve written about two years back, but still, they are driving a lot of views and traffic to my blog- even today. In addition, the answers on Quora creates a snowball effect. With time, all the answers add up to drive even a bigger traffic to your blog.

In short, you can drive an insane amount of traffic from Quora if you are little consistent and your answers are genuinely helpful.

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Why Quora Works the Best for Indians to Drive Traffic?

If you follow any of popular digital marketing blogs (mostly run by American or European marketers), you’ll find them saying that you can drive a huge traffic from Reddit, Pinterest or Tumblr.

But in actual, this is not true for the Indian bloggers or marketers. The Indian crowd on these portals are very limited and hence you won’t be able to drive a much-targeted audience to your website/blog (from India), no matter how much active you are on those platforms. Moreover, if you are writing contents for the Indian audience, then getting traffic from outside regions using Reddit/Tumblr won’t be much helpful and will just increase the bounce rate. That’s why it’s not worth your time spending on those portals.

On the other hand, the participation of Indian population is a lot high on Quora. Just check the Quora page and you’ll find tons of contents written/asked by Indians. And that’s why, if you’re planning to get a targeted audience from India, Quora is a great platform to start with.

Quick Note: Few other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter etc have also a very high participation of Indians. However, the organic reach of posts on these platforms is comparatively a way lower. Therefore, unless you are ready to run the paid advertisements or boost your FB posts, your content won’t reach a bigger audience.

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How to drive traffic to your blog from Quora?

Driving traffic to your blog from Quora is pretty straightforward. Simply answer the questions related to the posts published on your blog and include relevant links in the answers whenever required.

(WARNING: DO NOT SPAM OR ADD IRRELEVANT LINKS ON YOUR ANSWERS OR ELSE YOU WILL BE BANNED FROM QUORA. For example, if the questions are asking about football, then do not write a useless irrelevant answer and insert a link to your blog which contains contents on Hollywood (just to get traffic). There are many moderators on quora and they will definitely ban you for spamming).

Another important point is mention is- “Do not copy and paste exact answer from your blog” as it will lead to plagiarism (duplication) and your answer will be deleted. While answering the questions, change the words of the answer to make it little different from your original blog post or write another genuine answer in your own words (Avoid entire copying of content). Read more about Quora plagiarism policy here.

Now, let me explain how you can write an answer on Quora- in the right way.

Assume there’s a question on Quora asking- “How to save money in college?”. If your blog is related to personal finance and you have written a similar blog post on which you want to drive traffic, then you can answer this question. Here’s what you need to do.

Write a comprehensive answer for how you can save money in college is your own words. Do not copy exactly from your blog. And in the middle or end (wherever you feel more relevant)- include the link to your relevant blog post. If your answer is useful to the readers, they will definitely check out the link to read more about the answer. And hence, you’ll drive traffic to your blog.

The key to driving huge traffic is that your answer should be super helpful and the links should be relevant. By doing so, people will click on the link to read even more useful content in your blog post in detail. And maybe if they find your content awesome, they will also share the answer and the blog post with their friends. Overall, you can get multiple benefits by writing an amazing answer on Quora.

Few Important tips before you dive inside Quora:

Before we proceed further, it is important to mention that Quora is also a social platform. This means that similar to Facebook or Quora, you can waste a lot of time on Quora. There are many people who spend many hours daily on Quora reading and answering rubbish questions. You can find many useless questions like- What is life? What are humans? Why are we here? What is the importance of life? etc

Avoid wasting your time reading these time-wasting questions. They are definitely engaging but do not waste your time. Always remember your main motive for using that portal. (Anyways, if you using Quora just for fun during your leisure time, then it is okay to read some funny or entertaining answers!).

Here are a few basic tips that you should follow that will save you a lot of time and increase your productivity.

1. Follow only relevant topics:

There are thousands of topics on Quora on Entrepreneurship, Android app, Web development, Hollywood, Bollywood, Books, Startups etc. And if you follow all of these topics, your feed will be flooded with questions from all over the web- which might not be relevant to you.

Therefore, follow only the important topics related to your blog niche. If your blog is based on photography, then follow the topics related to photography like photographers, cameras etc. Doing so, your feed will show only questions related to photography and hence you won’t have to waste much time finding good questions to answer.

2. Search for the question in the top search bar:

You can directly search for the questions that you want to answer in the top ‘Search bar’. By doing so, you can save a lot of time.

3. Follow influencers in your field to read questions that they answered.

There may be many influencers/experts in your field who will be active on Quora. Follow those people. Whenever they write an answer, you can read those in your feed. By following the influencers, you can remain updated with the latest trending questions. Moreover, if you can write a better answer, then go for it.

#5 Best Strategies to get insane blog traffic from Quora:

1. Write longer answers.

There are many people on Quora who write answers in just 3–4 sentences. But in general, that’s not really helpful and you can’t explain everything in just 3–4 sentences. Writing longer answers to keep the reader engaged. This will make them curious to know more about you and your other contents.

2. Include at least one image.

People generally avoid reading contents with no images. Such contents simply look boring. That’s why it is always a good idea to include at least one relevant image in your answer.

3. Write 2–3 answers per day.

If you want to drive a huge traffic to your blog over time, you need to write more answers on Quora. Writing 2–3 answers per day will make a total of 14–21 answers per week. If you continue doing so for at least 2–3 months, you’ll able to have enough answers on Quora to drive decent traffic to your blog. The more answers you write, the higher the traffic you can get.

4. Have a killer quora profile intro and image.

After reading your answer, the most obvious next step by readers is to check out your profile. And if they find it appealing, they will follow you. Therefore, you need to have a killer Quora profile. In addition, you can also add your blog/website link on the description section of your profile page. Many times, when people check out your profile, they will land to your blog using that link.

4. Be consistent.

Until and unless you are a hot girl, you won’t get followers easily on any social platform. Give the people a reason to follow you by being consistent. By doing so, people will follow you because they might be interested to read your future answers.

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Quora is one of the best ways to drive traffic to your blog in India. However, the mantra to become successful on Quora is by writing useful answers and being consistent.

The last tip, have patience. During the start, the number of views or followers on your Quora profile might be low. However, this grows exponentially once you have written more answers. Besides getting a huge traffic, there’s one more major benefit of writing answers on Quora. It helps you to grow your personal branding.

make money online in India

#11 Simple Ways to make money online in India [No spam/surveys]

#11 Simple Ways to make money online in India [No spam/surveys]

Recently Kylie Jenner (20) became the youngest self-made billionaire by harnessing her online following. She has over +113 million followers on Instagram. Of course, the family background (Kardishans) and networking of Kylie did play a role in helping her become one of the youngest billionaires. However, a big portion of credit goes to her online fame and marketing skills.

In this post, we are going to discuss 11 actual methods to make money online in India.

Quick Note: There might be a few more methods to make money online in India that I might miss in this post. This may be because I never used that method or maybe because it’s not popular enough. Nevertheless, the make money online in India methods discussed below are proven strategies. And it doesn’t require spamming or writing useless online reviews or surveys.

11 Simple Ways to make money online in India

1. Become a Freelancer.

You can harness your talent and make money online by becoming a freelancer. There are dozens of popular websites where people are actively looking for the freelancers to get their job done. Moreover, you can register of these sites for free. For examples of where you can get work as the freelancers are-, fiverr etc.

If you are good in any skill or even if you’re learning, you can find a potential customer to earn money online on these sites. For example, if you are good in app development, website development, graphics design, logo design, poster design, SEO-expert, digital marketing or anything, you can use these platforms to earn money.

2. Blogging

trade brains

Blogging is one of the lowest investment and high return ways to make money online in India. You can buy a domain (like,, etc) as cheap as Rs 99 per year. Further, you’ll also require a web hosting which may cost somewhere between Rs 200-400. Overall, with an investment of under Rs 5,000 a year, you can start your online business.

Further, I’m telling this from experience- You can make a lot of online by starting your blog. Many successful investors are making over 6 figure monthly income from their blog while they are sitting on a beach or traveling the world. Even blogging helped me to quit my damn 9 to 5 job and focus on my startup.

Overall, if you are ready to put little investment, time and efforts, blogging is one of the best ways to make money online in India.

3. Youtube channel


I started a youtube channel in July 2016 – on which I worked for just 3 weeks making and uploading videos about cars. The channel has hardly 20 videos. Still, it has got me over 4,900 subscribers and 1.2+ million views. This helps me generate a consistent passive income for the last two years through advertisements- without even doing anything. I haven’t even logged in to that youtube channel for over 6 months and yet it is making my money online.

The channel is named- Car Shuffle. You can check it out here.

My second youtube channel- Trade Brains, has over +2,500 subscribers. And it is helping me to bring a lot of traffic and traction to my blog.

Moreover, the best part is that starting a youtube channel is totally free. It’s a zero investment make money online medium. All you need to do here is to put some time and efforts.

Besides, it doesn’t take too much effort or pieces of equipment to make videos. I never used any professional camera. Either, I have recorded the videos using my phone camera or I’ve used free screen capturing tools on my laptop to record videos. That’s all. No DSLR, no digital camera, no voice recording headphones, absolute nothing!!

For my first channel, car shuffle, I just used the powerpoint presentations and royalty free background music to make videos. I never even showed my face once on the camera. Still, it’s getting over thousands of views (and a couple of dollars earnings) per day.

If you haven’t started your youtube channel yet, you are missing out. Videos are the future of marketing and certainly a straightforward way to make money online in India.

4. Online Tutoring

online tutoring- chegg

When I was in college, I used to make money online by simply tutoring school and college kids online. There are a number of popular websites like Chegg, Coursehero etc where you can make as high as $20 per month. Don’t believe me? Check out the websites yourself.

While tutoring, you have to choose the subject in which you have enough knowledge. There are tons of students who need help in basic courses like laws of motion or finding area/volume or a few simple mathematics questions. You can help these students in understanding the concepts, writing their assignments and help them prepare for the exams.

The best part of teaching online is that you can also google the answers and the students will never find out. I got paid for a number of questions whose answers were already present online. However, those rich kids didn’t even care to google the same question even once.

In short, if you are ready to spend some time in actively teaching the kids, then online tutoring can help you a lot to make money online in India.

4. Social Media Marketing

social media marketing

This is a relatively new way to make money online in India and these methods to make money were not available even 10 years ago. Why? Because social media like FB, Twitter, Instagram etc got fame only after the internet boom.

In this method to make money online, first, you have to start making a social following on different platforms like FB/TWITTER/ Instagram/Reddit etc. Then, either you can reach out to the companies or the people will reach out to pay you to share their content on your profile. This is called sponsored content/posts.

You can easily make as much as $5-15 for sharing a simple content/ post on your facebook page if you have made a lot of followers. This is how famous Youtubers or Instagramers make huge money.  Many of them even get sponsorship from popular brands like Nike, Puma, Adidas etc.

Anyways, if you an account on FB or Instagram with a huge following, then where to find the people who will pay?

Simple, Go to Fiverr and make an account there. Else another such website is Viral9.

5. Affiliate Marketing.

This is my favorite way to make money online in India. Why? Because you can make this income totally passive if you are ready to put some serious effort in the beginning.

How does affiliate marketing work?

Suppose your friend wants to buy a good sports shoe and you recommended an Adidas shoe for your friend. The shoe is amazing and worth Rs 2000 and he bought it. How will you feel if I say that you can get a commission of Rs 240 just because your friend bought this shoe?

This is called affiliate marketing. Here you get commission be selling someone else product just be recommending or referring them.

How to make money online in India by Affiliate marketing?

You can become an affiliate marketer partner on Amazon and recommend your friends/followers for products that are being sold on the Amazon website. If they purchase the product (by opening the link that you give/share to them)- you will earn a commission.

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6. Buying and selling domains (Domain flipping)

domain flipping

Although domain flipping is a good make money online in India method, however, it requires a decent experience before you actually start making money from it. You need to have some good idea to find domains that will be appealing for the buyers.

Here, you can make money online by buying a good domain frGoDaddyddy at Rs 99 or 149 for a year and later selling it on Flippa for $80-100. If the name of the domain is attractive, rememberable- people will be willing to pay you for that. This domain flipping work can help you make an easy money of thousands of dollars if you just research the domains properly.

Here, the best approach is to keep an eye on the expired domains. Everyday thousands of domains get expired. Just keep looking and if you find a good one- buy it. Later, sell that domain on flippa at a higher cost. Simple, Right?

7. Website purchasing and selling:

website selling

Similar to domain flipping, you can do the same thing with websites. Here, you can start with purchasing a bad website on flippa or empireflippers. Then, spend some time in improving the layout, add useful contents, customise and improve the website. Later, sell that website on the same flippa/empireflippers at a higher price.

Moreover, if you think that you can make the website/blog profitable, why not to keep it for yourself? It will help you to avoid the trouble to start your blog from scratch. And through your blog, you can always earn thousands of rupees in the future.

8. Content Writing

This is also a very simple way to make money online in India. And you know what, I pay thousands of rupees monthly to the content writers to write good articles for my blog.

Moreover, content writing is not a difficult work. Even if you do not have a good idea of the topic- you can still research it on the internet and write an excellent article based on your study. Simply search the topic on google and go through the top 5-6 links. Once you have a good understanding and knowledge of that topic, write a better article which can out perform those contents.

Besides, there are multiple domains like fashion, food, book review, technology review etc which you can easily understand within hours and write a good article. Think this work like a simple article writing question during your high-school english exams.

But how to find clients. Where can you find people who will pay you to write contents?

Simple- Join Facebook groups of Content Writers (Search ‘content writers’ on facebook to find these groups).

content writing

There are many Facebook groups of content writers with over 10,000 members where the employers regularly post their requirements. Many entrepreneurs, blog owners, marketing team etc consistently keep posting their requirements- like blog niche in which they need the article, different article topics, word count and how much they are willing to pay. Just reply on the posts on these people and write for them. (Btw, you can also check for the content writing job on freelancing websites like fiverr or

The best part- If you write a good article, you can easily earn up to Rs 500 for a thousand words article.

9. Kindle publishing:

Kindle publishing is another excellent way to make money online in India. And no, you do not need to be a great writer or have to write hundreds of pages to publish your first book.

My first kindle book consisted only of 22 pages and I used to sell it at Rs 49 per book online on Kindle. However, the value that I provided through the book was way above the price. I was getting at least 4-5 purchases per day (some days it was as high as 10-12). The reason why I was able to generate so much sales was because there was very less competition in my niche. There were very few good books on Indian stock market written by Indian authors.

Sadly, later I’ve to remove the book from the kindle store because I also used that ebook as a lead magnet on my blog (which helped me to build a massive email list of 18,000+ subscribers). Further, there were some copyright issues because I’ve already published similar content on my blog. In the end, I had to remove the ebook from kindle. (Nevertheless, I’m working to publish a new book on kindle soon.)

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In short, you do not need to write hundreds of pages to sell on kindle. Just write a really useful 30-40 page ebook on a topic which people want to read. And you know what, when you have published 5-6 such small ebooks, you can earn a lot of passive income and make money online by simply sitting on your couch.

10. Take photos and sell online

Here, you might need a little skill to take good photographs. But, hey it’s free to take photos!! Besides, if you have some good or unique older photos, you can always sell them online and get some additional income. Few popular websites where you can sell your photos and earn are shutter stock, fotolia, iStockPhoto, photobucket etc.

11. Teach on Udemy

You know how to play guitar, then make a short online course on ‘How to play guitar?’ and sell it on udemy. Or you know how to code, then make a coding course. You can literally make a course to teach any skill like cooking, swimming, coding, driving, foreign language and almost everything that you can think of. Moreover, lakhs of people buy these information products (courses) daily to enhance their skill.

Besides, you can charge a high premium price compared to the ebooks by selling courses on Udemy. (You can sell online courses as much as for Rs 1000 per course. However, for the ebook- the average price is generally between Rs 200-400).


Here are three more ways to make money online in India which I want to discuss in this post.

12. Starting Shopify stores, E-commerce websites or Drop-shipping

Well, I haven’t tried this method to make money online yet. Still, there are thousand of people who make tons of money from their shopify stores. If you are looking for some new ways to make money online in India, then you should definitely try it out. Here’s a video on how to start a shopify store in India—

13. Virtual assistance—

This is an active way to make money online. However, the work and timing hours can be flexible when you work as a virtual assistant from home. Here are a few websites where you can find a work as a virtual assistant- Hiremymom. Mytaskers, Zirtual. Uassistme, 123employee

14. Selling your old stuff on Olx/Quickr

This way to make money online in India is kind of obvious but most people do not do it.  You can earn a good money online by selling your old stuff on online selling platforms like Olx, Quickr or eBay. If you have any things that you have not used for years, why not to just to sell it. Earning few extra bucks on un-used products will do no harm you, right?

That’s all for this post. I hope it was helpful to you.

Please comment below which is your favourite way to make money online in India.

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