Amazon vs Flipkart Affiliate Program – Which one is better for Indians?

Amazon vs Flipkart Affiliate Program – Which one is better for Indians?

Are you new to the affiliate marketing world? Confused between Amazon vs Flipkart affiliate program and trying to figure out which one will be more profitable for your business? Then you have reached the right place.

In this post, we’ll compare Amazon vs Flipkart affiliate program along with their commission rates and make an attempt to answer which one is better for Indian online entrepreneurs.

First of all, if you do not know how affiliate marketing works, check out this post- The Go-Getter’s Guide to Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers

Affiliate marketing is one of the best passive ways to make money online. The requirements to become an affiliate for the majority of the popular websites in India is quite simple. All you need to get started is a blog/ website with a decent traffic (or social media profiles like the Facebook page, YouTube channel etc. with good followership).

Moreover, becoming an affiliate in the e-commerce industry, which has boomed a lot in the last few years, is an amazing opportunity for online marketers. Today, there are a lot of big companies like Amazon, Snapdeal, Flipkart, Jabong, Myntra, Homeshop18 etc. which are offering successful affiliate programs in India. Nonetheless, two of the leading e-commerce affiliate programs in India are Amazon and Flipkart affiliate program.

Amazon vs Flipkart affiliate program

1. Amazon affiliate program

Amazon is one of the biggest e-commerce in the world and offers wide diversified products in its affiliate program with excellent commission rates. The commission can be as high as 12% -depending on the product category.

The best part of Amazon affiliate program is its transparency. The affiliates can track all the important metrics like orders, ships, clicks etc in their dashboards which gets updated daily. After becoming an Amazon affiliate, you can track the shipped, delivered items and your overall commission daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly and more.

amazon affiliate program-min

Amazon affiliate commission rates

Here is a quick snapshot of the Amazon affiliate commission rates in India based on different categories (as of October 2018.

amazon affilate commission rate-min

(Source: Amazon Affiliate Program)

From the above table, you can notice that you can get a commission up to 12% for different products.

Besides, one of the most important factor while deciding the effectiveness of an affiliate program is the conversion rate. It simply means how many people are converting (i.e. ordering the product) after clicking on your affiliate link. (You can create multiple links for the different products that you’re promoting using the Amazon affiliate link generator inside the affiliate dashboard).

For my blog, the conversion rate for the Amazon affiliate program is 4.50%. In general, the higher the conversion rate, the more are the earnings. However, I’m not very aggressive in my affiliate marketing campaign as I’m promoting and selling my own digital products. Nonetheless, you can have a better conversion rate if you follow a few effective amazon marketing tricks like promoting the right products in relevant contents, catchy headlines etc.

amazon affiliate commission proof

Regarding payment, Amazon affiliate program will pay you approximately 60 days following the end of each calendar month. But they may accrue and withhold advertising fees until the total amount due to you is at least INR1000 in case of NEFT transfers.

Additional tip: Amazon has a worldwide audience and brand recognition. If your blog/website is getting a majority of traffic from outside India and you are planning to sell to your international audience, better to sign up with Amazon affiliate programs. Amazon is a global brand and your international audience will prefer buying from a known brand.

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2. Flipkart Affiliate Program

Similar to Amazon, Flipkart also offers an amazing affiliate marketing program. One of the biggest benefits of getting started with Flipkart Affiliate program is that it is simple, straightforward and fast. Unlike Amazon, the affiliate account gets approved instantly once you’ve submitted your account details.

How to get started with Flipkart affiliate program?

To open your Flipkart affiliate program, go to the Flipkart affiliate page (here’s a link to the Flipkart affiliate marketing sign in page), fill your details and register for a free account. The account will get approved instantly if you’ve entered the right details.

flipkart affiliate program-min

Flipkart affiliate Commission rates

After joining the Flipkart affiliate program, you can promote the products available on Flipkart. You can generate an affiliate link for the product that you’re planning to promote using Flipkart affiliate link generator in your dashboard, where you can also find an extensive range of available tools, ranging from simple banners & widgets to APIs, for listing Flipkart deals/products on your own website.

Apart from products, you can also promote the Flipkart mobile app and earn Rs 10 per app install. (Earlier this app install commission was higher (Rs 40-60), but they reduced this over time). Here is a snapshot of Flipkart affiliate app install commission rate:

(Source: Flipkart Affiliate Program)

Further, here is a quick snapshot of Flipkart affiliate products commission rate:

flipkart affiliate products commission rate-min

flipkart affiliate commission rate-min

(Source: Flipkart Affiliate Program)

A little concern with Flipkart affiliate program is that it doesn’t track the reports daily, rather update it weekly, monthly and quarterly.  However, if your total income is not dependent on Flipkart affiliate program, then it is okay to not track the daily earnings, but review it weekly or monthly.

After every month, the commission amount is sent either via eGift Voucher or Electronic Fund Transfer(EFT). If affiliates select payment via gift voucher, Flipkart will accrue and withhold referral fees until the total amount due is at least Rs 2500.00. If affiliates select payment via EFT, Flipkart will accrue and withhold referral fees until the total amount due is at least Rs 5000.00. (Source)

An interesting point to mention here is that in the past, the conversion rate for Flipkart used to be little higher compared to Amazon because Indians trusted national brand ‘flipkart’ over Amazon. However, with time, the conversion rate of Amazon in India has matched (moreover surpassed) that of Flipkart. Besides, after the launch of Amazon Prime, the conversion rate of Amazon is getting even better and better every month.

Few additional points regarding for Amazon and Flipkart affiliate programs:

  1. Not following the terms and conditions of either of Amazon or Flipkart affiliate program will lead your account to get banned. So please read them carefully before you start promoting affiliate links.
  2. For the Amazon affiliate program, if you do not get your first sale within the 90 days of signup, Amazon will cancel your affiliate account. Therefore, apply for the account only when you are ready to promote products and get sells.
  3. Few products are exclusive on Flipkart and Amazon website. If you do not want to miss out any such products, it’s better to sign up for both the programs.

amazon affiliate 90 days rejected-min

Final thoughts

If you want to get the best result from your affiliate marketing, it would be best if you first sign up for both and try out which one is working better for you. For example, you can place a few affiliate links from both Amazon and Flipkart on your website for a few months and test out which one has a higher conversion rate.

Anyways, currently, Amazon affiliate program looks like a better alternative over Flipkart because of its excellent affiliate facilities. Flipkart needs a little improvement in transparency, tracking and reflecting commission reports.

The Go-Getter’s Guide to Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers

The Go-Getter’s Guide to Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers

The Go-Getter’s Guide to Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers:

Most of the beginners focus on Google Adsense to monetize their blog. Further, there are many bloggers who put a lot of attention into creating their own product. And while doing so, they leave their blog un-monetized for a long duration of time until their product is ready.

What if I say that there is a better and easier way to earn money online on your blog?

Yes, there is! And it is called affiliate marketing.

Don’t worry if you are new to this topic. I’m going to cover everything about affiliate marketing for bloggers step-by-step in this blog post.

Here is what we are going to cover today:

1. What is affiliate marketing?
2. Why is affiliate marketing for bloggers a good way of monetization?
3. Five Things to know about affiliate marketing for bloggers.
4. How affiliate marketing actually works?
5. Best programs for Affiliate marketing for Bloggers in India.
6. Cons of using Affiliate marketing.

This is going to be a long post. So without wasting any time, let’s get started with the affiliate marketing for bloggers.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is an arrangement by which an online retailer pays commission to an external website for traffic or sales generated from its referrals.

In simple words, affiliate marketing for bloggers is a way to sell products without owning or creating one. Here, you are just diverting your blog traffic to some specific products, which are owned/created by someone else and earn profits on sales.

It’s really simple to make money from affiliate marketing for blogger and it requires only 3 steps:

  1. Find a product or service that you like
  2. Promote that product/service to your blog readers
  3. Earn a small profit (as commission) for each sale that you make.

That’s all. No need to create a product set up the payment system, or deliver the product from your side. Just promote the product and make money.

affiliate marketing

Here is an example of affiliate marketing for bloggers.

The below-given book contains an affiliate link from Amazon. I’m am an affiliate partner for amazon associates program. If you buy the book by clicking on the link given below, I will receive a commission for the purchase.


Now, here I’m not trying to sell you the book.

However, if I was a blogger who writes about psychology and then I could have promoted this book to my readers. I would have suggested this book as a must-read book on psychology and recommended my readers to buy this book.

Note: This is genuinely a good book, otherwise I wouldn’t have selected it even as an example.

If I had created a huge audience, who trust my expertise, then they would have bought this book. And each time any of my readers buy this book using the above link, I would have made some profit.

Why is affiliate marketing for bloggers a good way of monetization?

Here are few top reasons why affiliate marketing for bloggers is a good way of monetization:

1. Affiliate marketing works even you do not have a huge traffic on your blog:

Let’s say that you are just getting 100 visitors per day. If you want to make money through ads with a small traffic, you will earn only a few bucks as you are paid per click (PPC).

Even if you’re getting 20 clicks on your ad, and pay per click rate is 20 paise (which is quite high), still, you will hardly make Rs 4 in a day.

However, if you promoting products like shoes, clothes, books etc and are able even a single sale per day, you will make a lot more compared to what you’ll earn by ads.

For example, the commission for selling shoes as affiliates on Amazon is 12%. If you have a fitness blog, and you promoted a running shoe worth Rs 3,000, got a sale, then you would have made Rs 360 just by that single sale.

2. You can monetize your blog from day1:

To get your google adsense account approved, it sometimes takes even months. Google will first validate your blog along with your blog contents and the amount of traffic that you are getting.

Further, if you are planning to sell your own products on your blog, then again it might take you months to create that product.

However, through affiliate marketing, bloggers can start making money from day1.

Most of the affiliate program hardly takes a day to approve your account, including amazon associates.

And why shouldn’t they hurry to approve your account? By promoting their products, you are increasing their revenue. Here, both you and the sellers are making money. That’s why most of the affiliate programs readily accept the accounts of the affiliates.

You can become an affiliate for a program and start promoting their products even from the day 1.

3. The bigger your email list, the higher will be the revenue:

Let’s say you have an email list of 1,000 people and you are promoting the same shoe (Rs 3000, 12% commission) to your email subscribers. Even with a small conversion rate of 2%, you will make an earning of Rs 7,200, just by sending a single email.

Imagine how much you can earn per email if you have a bigger email list and you are sending emails frequently.

4. You do not need to create your own product or services:

The best point of making money through affiliate marketing for bloggers is that you do not own the product. All the works like creating a product, pricing, setting payment system, shipping, customer services etc are taken care by the seller. You just have to promote the product and enjoy the profits.

5. You can learn what your audience wants:

By promoting the products, you can learn what kind of products works for your audience i.e. which products they are buying.

Through this learning, you can create a similar product in future and sell it to your audience to keep the whole share of profit, not a commission of 5-10%.

Further, by offering affiliate products, you can warm your audience for the idea of buying from you, so that when you launch your own product, they will be comfortable with it.

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5 Things to know about affiliate marketing for bloggers.


1. For making tons of money by affiliate marketing for bloggers, you need to promote high priced products.

Let us understand this with the help of an example.

Suppose Blog A is a sports blog and promotes sports items like sports jerseys, shoes etc. Here the average price of products that they promote is Rs 3,000.

Let’s imagine there is another Blog B, which is a literature based blog, and it promotes literature books. For blog B, the average price of products that they promote is Rs 200.

Assuming commission and monthly sales for both these blogs, here is the monthly total profit for both these blogs:

Avg Product

Cost (Rs)

Commission Monthly sales Monthly Total

Profit (Rs)

Blog A 3,000 10% 100 30,000
Blog B 200 10% 200 4,000


Here, you can notice that even the sales of blog A is half of blog B, still, it is making more than 7 times profits than blog B.

To match the same earnings, blog B has to generate 15 times more sales compared to blog A.

In short, it is pretty tough for the blogs promoting low-priced affiliate products to match the earnings generated by blogs promoting high-priced products.

2. The earnings by affiliate marketing for bloggers depend on their blog niche.

You cannot promote sports shoes if you are running a literature or poetry blog. The audience of a poetry blog and not visiting that blog with a mindset to buy sports shoes.

However, the audience of a sports blog knows that the sports products are costly and their mindset is ready to pay for the high-priced product.

That’s why your niche matters for generating big profits by affiliate marketing for bloggers.

For some niche’s it is difficult to find high priced products. For example educational blogs, where the bloggers generally promote books (which costs between Rs 200-400).

On the other hand, there are few niches, who can easily promote high priced products. For example- a photography blog.

Those bloggers can easily promote best DSLR cameras, which easily costs Rs 35,000 or above.

Similarly, if you have a fashion blog, you can also make huge money by affiliate marketing. Most of the designer clothes or shoes costs above Rs 2,000. That’s why the commission for the products will be high and you’ll generate greater profits.

3. The golden rule of Affiliate marketing for bloggers:

Here is the golden rule of affiliate marketing for bloggers- “You should become the affiliate of only those products that you have personally used.”.

While recommending products to the audience, your reputation is at stake. Do not promote bad products, which can decrease the trust of your audience towards you and harm your brand.

4. Affiliate marketing will teach you how to sell.

If you not able to sell few of the best-selling products on amazon to your audience, how will you sell your own products or services to them?

Affiliate marketing is the best way to learn how to sell to your audience.

5. Be transparent about your affiliate products

It’s important that you disclose all your affiliate links.

There’s no point in hiding this. Make your audience understand that purchasing from your affiliate link won’t change the purchase price for the products. They are anyhow going to buy the product at the same price.

Further, by disclosing the affiliate links, your blog readers will appreciate your honesty and will contribute to your blog’s earnings.

How affiliate marketing really works?

Now that you have learned what is affiliate marketing for bloggers and its key points, you should also understand how affiliate marketing actually works.

Here’s how affiliate marketing for bloggers works:

1. When you join an affiliate marketing program, you will be given a unique id along with your logging credentials.

2. Once you log in to your account, you can generate specific url for different products using that unique id. For example, let’s say you want to promote a sports shoe. Then you can create a specific sharable url for that shoe, in which your unique id is tagged. You can promote the shoe using that specific url.

Please note that you can generate code for both simple ‘text’, ‘image’ or ‘combination’ using the unique id. This can help you to promote both link and shoes image on your blog.

amazon associates

3. You can share that generated URL on your blog and whenever someone clicks on that URL, he/she will land on the product sale page. Further, if he/she buys the product, you will be eligible to get your affiliate commission.

4. Many of the affiliate programs has cookies in the URL, which means that even if that person doesn’t buy the product at the time of landing, but purchase some product within 24 hours, still you will get the commission for the sale. This is because the cookie works for 24 hours, which proves that the buyer was directed from your blog.

5. Further, you will get the commission for all the products that the buyer purchase after he visits the merchant page from your blog.

In addition, it needn’t be the same product for which he/she initially visited the merchant page. Even he/she buys a different product, yet you will receive your share of commission.

For example, let’s say you are an affiliate for amazon. You placed an ad for a book on your blog. One of your visitor clicked the link and visited amazon store using that link.

However, he didn’t bought the book. Instead, he found an amazing shoe on the amazon store and bought it.

In such case, even though you didn’t promoted the shoe, however, you’ll get commission for it as the buyer visited amazon store through your link.

In addition, whatever he/she buys from the store for the next 24 hr will also be credited as your commission as there are cookies in the product link that you shared on your blog.


Best programs for Affiliate marketing for Bloggers in India

There are a number of programs available for affiliate marketing for bloggers in India. Few of the best ones are stated below:

1. Amazon India

Amazon is a leader in the e-commerce business in India. You can find a variety of products to promote from amazon which varies from shoes, clothes, books, electronic items to house hold items, kitchen appliances, musical instruments etc.

The commission rates for different products of amazon varies between 2-12%. Here is a detailed structure about the advertising rates for specify product categories.

Amazon assosiates commission- affiliate Marketing for bloggers

Source: https://affiliate-program.amazon.in/welcome/compensation

2. Flipkart

Flipkart is the biggest competitor of Amazon and it offers a similar affiliate program. The commission offered by Flipkart is also similar to that of Amazon.

You can check out the Flipkart commission rate here and joint the Flipkart affiliate program using this link.

3. Godaddy

Godaddy is a leading web domain and hosting provider in India. If you are in an online marketing, SEO, web development or similar niche, you can become a godaddy affiliate. Here is a link to join godaddy affiliate program — https://in.godaddy.com/affiliate-programs

4. Hostgator

Hostgator is another leading domain and hosting provider in India. The commissions offered by hostgator affiliate program is quite high. Hostgator India offers a commission pay out of 1250 per sale. This payout increases as you sell more. Further, you can earn as high as Rs 3,000 per referral.

hostgator commission- affiliate Marketing for bloggers

Learn more about hostgator affiliate program here: https://www.hostgator.in/affiliates

5. TripAdvisor

The TripAdvisor affiliate program is best for travel blogs. The commission are as high as 50-80% for the generated revenue. You can sign up for this affiliate program using this link.

In addition, few other programs offered for affiliate programs for bloggers in India are eBay India, Apple Itunes, VCommision, BigRock etc

Cons of Affiliate marketing for bloggers:

No monetization method can be perfect. Even making money by affiliate marketing for blogger has some cons, which are mentioned below.

  1. Most affiliate marketing programs pay ‘per sale’, not on link ‘clicks’. In short, if you are not generating sales, you won’t make money.
  2. Although affiliate marketing for bloggers is easy to start, however earning isn’t always instant. Sometimes it takes a long time to find suitable products which your blog audience will be willing to buy.
  3. Affiliate programs can change their rule anytime and may decrease the commission rate.


Although there are few cons of using affiliate marketing for bloggers like you only get paid on sales (not link ‘clicks’), however, the pros easily over-shadows the cons.

It cannot be denied that making money by affiliate marketing requires less work as you do not need to create or own the product.

Moreover, depending of the price of the of the promoted products on your blog, you can generate moderate to high earnings through affiliate marketing.

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That’s all. I hope this post about affiliate marketing for bloggers is useful to the readers.

If you have any questions regarding affiliate marketing, feel free to comment below.


How to Earn Passive Income With Amazon Associates?

Passive Income…!! This is the dream of the majority of the bloggers. Sitting on a beach at Pondicherry and writing blog posts while getting the money periodically credited in your bank account. Sounds fascinating, right?

Coincidently, this is doable and a lot many bloggers are making tons of passive income. In this post, I’ll walk to through one of the best passive income source- Amazon associates. First, let me show you some proof.

Amazon Affiliate Earning Proof

Honestly speaking, I’m not showing my income proof to brag. Moreover, I only make a minority of my earnings with amazon associates. However, there is a big reason why I’m showing this report. Here, I want you people to understand that you too can make money from a real blog using affiliate marketing.

These days, the problem with the online/digital marketers is that they have never earned any money from a real blog. I mean, they are just earning money by teaching others “how to make money”. Ask any other popular online/digital marketer about their own successful blog in any other niche (lifestyle, fashion, finance etc) and the truth will be revealed. They won’t have any another successful blog in the real niche (other than the ones where they teach blogging). That’s why they will never understand the real problem that most bloggers face.

Before starting this blog, I’ve started two blogs. One failed and the second become successful. First one was an entertainer website and second was in the finance niche. And even here, I’m only sharing the earning report for my real blog- Trade Brains. As I’ve faced the problems myself, that’s why I can truly understand the difficulties. Moreover, I also understand the true potentials of a blog as I’ve also made money through them.

Anyways, enough of my philosophies! Here is the earning report of Trade Brains from Amazon associates for the last year (2017).

Yes, I know that isn’t much. But as I’ve already told you, amazon associates only contributed a minority of the earning from Trade Brains blog. Moreover, this is a totally passive income. I didn’t focus much on affiliate earnings last year. Just wrote a few affiliate blog posts and placed some links in between. That’s all. Nevertheless, as my blog is getting more and more traffic, my monthly Amazon affiliate income is exponentially growing.

Now that you have understood that you can earn good passive income through amazon associates, lets further learn about this affiliate program.

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What is amazon associates?

Amazon Associates is an affiliate program offered by Amazon.

Affiliate marketing is an arrangement by which an online retailer pays commission to an external website for traffic or sales generated from its referrals.

In simple words, affiliate marketing for bloggers is a way to sell products without owning or creating one. Here, you are just diverting your blog traffic to some specific products, which are owned/created by someone else and making profits on sales.

It’s really simple to make money from affiliate marketing for blogger and it requires only 3 steps:

  1. Find a product or service that you like
  2. Promote that product/service to your blog readers
  3. Earn a small profit (as commission) for each sale that you make.

For example, let’s say you are a photography blogger. And you use a specific DSLR Camera in all your photoshoots. You can promote this camera using an affiliate link from Amazon. If any of your readers buy this camera using your link, you will get a commission for that sell.



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How much can you earn from Amazon Associates?

Here are the commission rates offered by Amazon associates–

Clearly, you can notice from the above table that you can earn a commission up to 12% on the sale of different products. The highest commission is on the Men’s apparel and clothing products. Further, you can also conclude that the fashion or lifestyle bloggers who promote these products can make a better income.

Let’s say a blogger is promoting a sports shoe worth Rs 3000. Here, he/she will get a commission of Rs 300 per sale. Moreover, if he/she is able to get 100 sales on that product in a month, they will make Rs 30k in a month. (Moreover, you can always promote multiple products).

Why my commissions were low from Amazon associates?

My write-in finance and investment niche. The only products that I can promote on my blog are books. Further, the average costs of books are between Rs 200 to 500. Therefore, for each sale, I would have made a commission somewhere between Rs 20 to 50.

Now, even if I’m able to make 200 sales (double sales than a lifestyle blogger) in a month, still the net income will be between Rs 4k to 10k. That’s why my income from Amazon associates was low.

Overall, the income from amazon associates depends on your blogging niche. If you are just starting your blog or planning to start -I’ll definitely suggest you to carefully choose a niche which you can monetize easily.

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Few Simple Tips to Increase revenue from Amazon Associates.

The biggest tip to increase your revenue from Amazon associates is to select a profitable niche. However, here are a few other tips to increase revenue from amazon associates—

  1. Look at the reviews of the product on Amazon before promoting. The last thing you want is to get your reputation hurt by someone else crappy product.
  2. Write the product review and share your honest opinion about the product. (In my case, I wrote book reviews for few of the popular investing books).
  3. The links in between the posts work the best. This is because when a reader gets involved in your post and you suggest something really awesome, he/she will be inclined to check out that product (and maybe even purchase it).

Bottom line:

Amazon associates is an amazing way to monetize your blog and earn passive income. You can sell thousands of products through your blog and earn a decent commission. It doesn’t require any additional work or efforts.

All the money that I earned last year through Amazon associates were totally passive. This year, I’m planning to try out a lot of experiments to increase my revenue from affiliate marketing. And, I’ll keep sharing my learnings.

Keep hustling and happy blogging.

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