5 Ways to Find Expert Content Writers for Your Blog in India.

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5 Ways to Find Expert Content Writers for Your Blog in India.

“I just can’t write any more blog, Kritesh. It takes too long to write a good content. And that’s why I’m not able to give time to other important things like creating new ways to efficiently monetize my blog…”, Gaurav told me half-heartedly.

Why don’t you outsource the contents?”, I asked him.

No!! Outsourcing is not an option for me. I’ve built my blog from scratch and I’ve dedicated so much time writing quality contents. I don’t want to degrade its reputation by publishing not-so-good contents.”, Gaurav answered straightforwardly.

Then don’t publish ‘not-so-good’ contents on your blog. But you know that there are professional content writers capable of writing great contents. Moreover, the final decision is always yours whether you want to publish that content on your blog or not… If you do not like the content written by the outsourced authors, simply reject them. But you should at least try this option.”, I tried to reason Gaurav with my answer.

Gaurav has a very popular blog which gets over 30,000 visitors per month. He has been working on his blog for over 18 months and has written over 150 blog posts so far. Now he is trying to monetize his blog traffic. However, producing continuous contents does not give him enough time to focus on creating new digital products in order to monetize his blog.

It’s not like I didn’t try. I hired one writer a few months ago from one of my references. But she turned out to be a shi**y one. Moreover, finding a good content writer is itself a tedious job. I’m ready to pay a good compensation per article if the content is good. The problem is that I don’t have any more reference.”, Gaurav seemed a little concerned.

Yes, finding a good content writer will take some time. But it won’t take too long if you know the right approach. Maybe a few weeks to complete whole procedure like interviewing them, asking for sample articles, explaining your requirements etc. Nonetheless, my point is that if you can put some serious efforts for a week or two and are able to find a good writer, it will reduce your stress a lot for many upcoming months.”, I explained.

Okay, you are right. Now stop this lecture and let me know where can I find expert content writers for my blog.”, Gaurav replied with a little smile on his face.


Finding expert content writers in India does not take too long if you know where to look for them exactly. There are a couple of free platforms or mediums which you can leverage to find good content writers.

Nevertheless, how easily you’ll find a writer for your blog also depends on your budget. If you are ready to give decent compensation per article, you can even hire expert content creators with experience of over 5–10 years. On the other hands, if your hands are tight and you have a limited budget, you might have to hire a few newbie content creators who might need a little training and guidance from you. Anyways, if you put serious efforts, you’ll be able to find a few good ones within a week or two.

How to Find Expert Content Writers for Your Blog in India?

Here are the 5 ways to find expert content writers for your blog in India:

1. Outsource freelancers 


There are many free platforms like iWriter, Freelancer.in, upwork, Fiverr etc from where you can find freelancers.

Just post your requirements on these sites and you’ll be flooded with the messages from the freelancers. Contact/Interview the freelancers who responded to your post and select the one which suits you the best.

2. Leverage the massive facebook groups of content writers

facebook group content writers

There are many active facebook groups of content writers with over 20,000–30,000 members.

Join these facebook groups of Content Writers (Search ‘content writers’ on facebook to find these groups) and post your requirements like your blog niche, the number of articles required per month, compensation/stipend, additional perks etc.

Interested content writers will comment on your post or will directly contact you on the messenger. Interview them and select the best one.

3. Steal writers from authority websites

This is a little tricky. Here, you have to find the authority websites related to your blog niche and look for the people who are consistently contributing to these websites.

Examples of few authority websites in India are Yourstory, Economic times, WittyFeed, Inc42, Mint etc. Go to these websites and read the latest articles. You can easily find the social information of these author like twitter handle, email address etc available along with the article. Contact them and ask if they are looking for additional content writing work. Try to convince them to work with you by describing the perks.

4. Hire college interns 


College students are the best target to find exert content writers in India if you have a limited budget. These students will be ready to work even at a lower-than-average compensation if you are willing to provide additional perks. Moreover, the students are looking for such exposures to build their resume. In short, you can find good content writers by hiring college students.

Few of the famous portals in India which you can use to hire interns are Internshala, Let’s Intern etc. Further, it’s very simple to create an employer login account and post the job requirements on Internshala/Let’s Intern. And within few days of posting the job requirement, you will get a massive list of interns who might be interested to work with you as a content writer.

Anyways, you need to train these interns as they might not have a big experience of content creation like those expert freelancers. However, talent-wise, you may find some hidden gems in these internship portals.

5. Find skilled writers by exploring publishing platforms like Quora/Medium.

There are many writers/authors who consistently posts on platforms like Quora or Medium. Their social profiles are publically available and you can read all their contents/answers. Explore these publishing platforms for a few days and find few regular contributors who write excellent contents.

Next, contact them and offer a job as a content writer. Many of them might not be interested in a job and only be publishing contents out of interest. However, if you contact enough writers, you will definitely find one or two who might be looking for an opportunity to work as a content creator.

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6. Place a Hiring/Contribute/Guest post link on your blog

One of the easiest ways to find content writers (which most website/blog owners ignore) is to place a ‘Hiring’, ‘Contribute’, ‘Guest post’ etc link on their blog. Ask yourself, why will the writers contact you if they do not know that you are looking for content writers?

These links send a clear signal to the interested people that you are looking for content creators. Moreover, by using this method, instead of you approaching the content creators, these writers will contact you. And hence, you will be on the upper-side when you’ll be negotiating the compensation and perks.

Bottom line:

Although the process to find good content creators is not difficult, however, it may take some time. You should definitely go through a good screening procedure like asking for sample contents, reference to the last work as a content writer, a small interview to understand their skills etc. Nevertheless, if you contact 30–40 people using the approaches mentioned above, you’ll find good one or two writers- in the end.

That’s all for this post. I hope it was helpful to you. If there is any other method to find expert content writers that I missed in this post, feel free to comment below.

Happy Blogging.

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