6 Extremely Profitable Ways to Make Money 24Hr Online

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Starting an online business to make money 24hr has never been more accessible as of now. With everyone getting comfortable in buying/selling products online and spending a majority of their time internet, you can quickly launch a profitable online business and gain the trust of your customers. All you need is to put your time and efforts. Moreover, starting an online business requires just a laptop, a decent internet connection, and an idea.

The best advantage of running an online business is freedom. Along with financial independence, working online and making money 24Hr offers ‘time’ and ‘location’ freedom. This means that you can work at whichever time you prefer (not stuck with 9-to-5 working schedule) and from any location you desire- even from a beach on GOA or BALI.

In this post, we are going to discuss six extremely profitable ways to make money online.

Quick Note: Today we are not going to discuss how you can freelance and get paid using websites like Fiverr, Upwork or Freelancer. We’ll talk more about how to build a long-term empire which can help you make money online 24 hours even in your sleep. Yes, the idea may sound a little scammy. But, if you are ready to put serious time and efforts, you can build this online kingdom of your own.

6 Extremely Profitable Ways to Make Money 24Hr Online

1. Starting a blog:

You might already know that starting a blog is hugely profitable and there are a lot of people who are making over millions per year just from their blog. Ironically, many prominent bloggers started their blog as a hobby- sharing their interests and learnings and later converted it into a profitable business.

Moreover, starting a blog is comparatively the cheapest way to build an online business that you own entirely. Unlike a Facebook or Instagram page, which is owned by Facebook/Instagram and they can ban/delete your profile anytime in future if you accidentally violated any of their rules. However, a blog is your property. You completely own your blog and all the credits and profits that you make from your blog belongs only to you.

In short, if you’re planning to build a profitable online, starting a blog is the easiest route to take.

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2. Launching a mobile app:

The app economy has grown significantly over the last decade. Owning a popular app on play/app store is a fantastic way to leverage the app economy and make huge money online.

First of all, I would like to mention that building a mobile app is not very difficult. Do not get afraid that this is geeky, requires coding and hence it might not suit you. Anyone can publish an app and make huge money if they have a good idea and know how to implement it correctly.

Moreover, building and publishing an android/iOS app is a lot easier these days. If you know to code and have the required skill-set, you can make your app on your own. Else, you can hire a developer or outsource freelancer to get your app build.

For building my first app, which I launched last year, I hired interns to code the app and later outsourced a freelancer to add a few additional features. Without writing a single line of code, I published the app on play store which has got over 21k downloads with 4.6 ratings as of today.

Although I didn’t focus much on extra-ordinary features on the app, however, I’m planning to revise the app, add new features and rebrand it soon to get the maximum benefits on my existing app.

Overall, publishing a useful app on the app/play store is an amazing way to reach a big audience and make money online.

3. Kindle Publishing:

There was a time when finding a publisher for your book used to be very difficult. Moreover, if you are not rich, it was challenging to self-publish that book. However, the time has changed and now anyone can self-publish their book on Amazon.

Moreover, Amazon Kindle offers a lot of benefits and flexibilities to the Authors. You won’t need to be worried about any technicalities. Amazon has taken care of all the key aspects of publishing a book like how to print, how to reach the audience, how to sell and collect money from buys and other technical stuff. From publishing to delivery, Amazon will do everything.

In kindle publishing, all you need to do is to write good ‘helpful’ content that your readers are willing to pay. Further, your book do not even need to be 300-400 pages long. A lot of Kindle books are just 50-100 pages long.

Overall, if you can monetize your knowledge, kindle provides a fantastic opportunity. You can publish the book on Amazon to make money online. Besides, you can publish as many books as you like. And mostly, it’s passive income once you have written and published the book.

4. Affiliate Marketing

This is my favorite way to make money online. A majority of the earnings in my initial days of building my online business came from affiliate marketing. Moreover, the best part of affiliate marketing is that here you do not need to build a product at all. All you need to do is to promote the products that someone else offers.

For example, one of your friends is planning to buy a new shoe and needs some recommendation. Here, you can suggest to your friend a shoe on Amazon and if he buys it, you will get a commission, if you are an Amazon affiliate.

Here, you do not need to worry about building a product, delivery or payment system. The brand takes care of everything. You just have to promote the product. A few of the best affiliate market programs are Amazon affiliate, VCommission, Flipkart affiliate, etc.

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5. Selling online courses/Training

Writing a book and selling them may earn you decent money. However, selling online courses or training can make you massive money. You can easily charge 5-10x times the price of a book while selling a course.

Moreover, this is also a passive income way to make money online, which means that it doesn’t require your active time to publish contents again and again. Once you have created an online course, you can sell it over and over. I know a lot of people who make tons of money online by selling their courses.

Anyways, there are two ways to sell your courses/training. Either you can host the courses on platforms like Udemy, Skillshare, etc where Udemy will take care of promoting your contents. However, here you may lose little flexibility like pricing power, and you need to share the profits as you do not precisely own the platform.

On the other hand, if you have a website/blog, you can host your courses/training there and sell as many numbers as you want and at whichever price that you prefer. Here, you can use platforms like teachable or thinkific to host your courses.

6. Becoming a Youtuber

Do you know that youtube pays money for publishing videos on its platform?

Yes, for every views and watch-time on the videos published by the creators, they earn an income. And hence it is obvious to say that the videos with millions of views are making amazing money from Youtube. A lot of successful YouTubers make even more money than the CEOs of the small/medium level businesses.

Besides, starting a youtube channel literally requires zero investment. All you need is to record a video using your mobile and upload to your channel. Majority of the popular YouTubers followed a similar approach and didn’t buy any fancy camera or other pieces of equipment unless they became successful.

Moreover, the payment from ‘youtube’ is not the only way to earn money on this platform. And bluntly saying, this is by far the slowest way to make money. Most YouTubers earn money by promoting/selling products, affiliate marketing or through sponsored videos.

If you have anything to share with the world, any idea or any skill, you need to get on youtube.

Bonus: Stock Trading

Another way to make money online is Stock Trading. However, it requires skills, hard work, and discipline to become a profitable trader.

Want to learn to trade? Here’s an Options Trading Course for Beginners by FinGrad academy.

Closing Thoughts

Although there are hundreds of other ways to make money 24hr online, however, the six ways mentioned above are the easiest and most profitable ones.

Final tip, do not need to try them all at once. Choose one that suits you depending on your skill and personality. For example, if you comfortable on camera and presenting yourself in front of the world, prefer Youtube. On the other hand, if you are an introvert and do not enjoy shooting your videos, Youtube might not be a good idea for you. You can go for blogging.

Focus on one to make money initially, and once you find a little success in that, you can choose multiple options over time. For example, I run a successful blog, have a mobile app, and also run a youtube channel. Diversifying your options is the best-recommended way to have a stable income and not depending entirely on any.

That’s all for this post. I hope it was useful for you. Have a great day!

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